The Charles City Press publishes obituary notices daily, Monday through Friday. As a public service to our readers, we publish death notices with basic service information one time free of charge. More complete or full obituaries will be considered a paid announcement and a cost will apply. After submitting a full obituary you will be contacted to make payment arrangements prior to the obituary being published.

Photos may be included with any obituary for $6. They should be sent in a JPG, JPEG or PNG format at a minimum of 200 dpi resolution. Black and white or color photos can be used, providing the picture is of good quality and not too small. Maximum uploaded file size is 3MB.

Obituaries submitted by 4 p.m. Sunday through Thursday will be published in the next day’s edition, barring any payment arrangements that need to be made. Otherwise they will be published in the next available issue. Please feel free to call 641­-228­-3211 and confirm receipt of your information.

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